Scarborough: Trump Has ‘Coarsened All of American Culture’

Joe Scarborough Mika Brzezinski 10-24-17

While hosting “Morning Joe” on Tuesday, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough tore into President Donald Trump for coarsening “all of American culture” and putting otherwise good people in situations where they acted in shameful ways.

The “Morning Joe” panel was discussing First Lady Melania Trump’s cyber-bullying campaign, which Scarborough described as “indicative of just how shameless everybody is.” Melania, according to Scarborough, “sleeps actually with the worst bully in America.”

Melania, along with other people around Trump, were corrupted by the president:

“This is indicative of just how much Donald Trump corrupts everybody that is close to him. This is indicative of — it doesn’t matter. Press spokesman leave, and say ‘well, I lied for the president but my job is to lie for the president.’ Telling Harvard students, ‘My job — whatever the president wants to hear — if it’s lying, my job is to lie for [the] president.’ You have four-star generals — great men — who go out and actually don’t even condemn the president’s shabby treatment of a gold star wife.”

Scarborough was likely referring White House chief of staff John Kelly defendingTrump last week, as well as news that former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer allegedly told students at Harvard his job was to lie for the president.

Melania’s cyber-bullying campaign, Scarborough said, wreaked of hypocrisy and epitomized how Trump “destroys all who are close to him.”

Watch Scarborough’s comments below, via MSNBC.